Equipment Hire

Sometimes you only need height safety equipment for a short period of time which makes the cost prohibitive to purchase your own equipment. For this purpose, we offer a large selection of equipment for hiring out.

Ready-Made Kits

We have several styles of ready-made kits for specialist activities including:

  • Working in confined spaces
  • Forestry and bluff rescue
  • General roof work
Certification Assured

Equipment used in safety at height applications needs to be regularly inspected for damage and wear. When you hire equipment from us, you can rest assured that we have inspected the equipment both according to schedule, and after its last use.

Customize Your Needs

If our ready-made kits aren’t suitable for your needs, we can add and remove equipment dependent on your specific situation.

Wherever you need to get, our hire equipment can get you there.

Short and Long Term

Whether you only need the equipment for a day, or for a month, we will work with you to achieve a safe hire solution that won’t break the bank.

Concrete Scanning

Also known as non-destructive testing, we perform scans of concrete areas and can provide comprehensive information about the location of steel reinforcement.

Hit Prevention

By knowing the location
 of reinforcing material, you can drill confidently to miss it, or to minimize the loss of structural strength

Reports For Engineers

We are able to provide variably detailed reports on our findings that include the location, approximate depth and size, and regularity of reinforcement. This information can then be passed on to an engineer for interpretation

Earthquake Strengthening

Our reports are often used by engineers investigating the strength of older buildings and how they perform in earthquake situations

Cost Efficient Knowledge

Since the process of scanning is not intrusive, creates no mess, and requires no additional work, it can be more cost and time effective than traditional intrusive drilling and testing

Equipment Certification

Once you have the right height safety equipment for the job, certification becomes an ongoing part of preventative maintenance that is required by New Zealand and Australian regulatory standards.

PPE with Webbing

Harnesses, lanyards, climbing helmets, and any other equipment that uses soft webbing components must be certified at least every six months by a competent inspector

Hardware Safety Systems

Lifelines, anchor points, and other equipment that does not use soft webbing must be certified at least every 12 months by a competent inspector

Chemical Anchor Points

Height Safety can perform pull tests on chemical set anchor points to ensure that they are safe to use and meet their load rating

Certificate Management

We can provide digital copies of the certificates we create by email, or for larger clients we can provide access to our custom built online application, SafeTrak

Consultancy, Design, Installation

Height Safety has spent years solving safety problems that no one else has been able to. We are continually thinking and working outside the box to provide height safety solutions that uniquely cover you unique circumstances.


Height Safety isn’t limited to off the shelf products – we can design and build custom systems with the help of our trusted suppliers and partnered engineers

Safety First

Cutting corners is never an option. We work hard to ensure that we can hand-on-heart guarantee every solution we approve and implement

A Complete Solution

When you work with Height Safety, you can be sure of a start to finish service. We have the personnel to walk through every step of the process and you’ll never need to deal with anyone else

Local Knowledge

As a small, family business that operates solely in New Zealand, we know this country better than anyone. Why would you trust anyone else to combat New Zealand’s unique challenges?

Servicing and Internal Fall Arrester Maintenance

Height Safety are New Zealand service agents for a wide range of leading height safety equipment brands like Miller and Checkmate, and have staff trained and authorized to internally service and repair Honeywell fall arrest devices.

We can service and maintain a lot of mechanical equipment such as:

FAll Arresters

These devices are convenient for providing flexible access by extending and retracting with the user during normal usage, but with the ability to latch and arrest falls when the extension speed exceeds a certain threshold.

These devices need regular internal inspection and maintenance to be effective.

Rescue Equipment

Normally rescue kits are not used every day and therefore wear and deterioration can go unnoticed. Some self-rescue systems also rely on internal braking mechanisms that require regular maintenance.

We can keep your rescue kits and equipment always ready in case they are needed.

Safety Ladders and Rails

Whether you have fixed ladders or step ladders, we provide servicing for these to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Other Mechanical Devices

The range of products out there is vast., but with Height Safety, you can be assured that the parts you can’t see will be safe and reliable when you need them.