Impac Contractor Prequalification Stamp

For the past six years, Height Safety has taken an active approach to demonstrating our safety-first approach by obtaining the Impac Contractor Prequalification certification. Prequal lets us show other businesses that we already do our part in maintaining a healthy, happy workplace.

Under New Zealand law – specifically the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015), PCBU’s or Persons Conducting Business or Undertakings are responsible for taking care of the health and safety of their workers, and other workers around them, as far as is reasonably practicable.

Completing this certification is a lengthy process, and often challenges the safety standards that we get used to: highlighting hazards and risks that many people wouldn’t think about, but we know that one of the most dangerous sentences when it comes to the safety of people is “It’s always been done that way.”

What does Contractor Prequalification do?

  • Enables us to demonstrate that our health and safety practices have been independently assessed
  • Removes the burden of businesses contracting us needing to assess our safety measures
  • Provides our contracting organizations with evidence of our ability to perform work safely
  • Provides constant guidance and correction for our own practices so we can constantly improve our methods
  • Collates documentation that we submit to prove our competence in managing the risks associated with the work we perform

For more information on the Impac Contractor Prequalification, you can visit their website here.
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Contractor Prequalification Certificate 2021
We take pride in displaying our accreditation for Impac’s Contractor Prequalification

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