With the introduction of Covid-19 Alert Level 2 on Thursday 14 May, we’re excited to be able to welcome you back to our premises!

While at Alert Level 2, the safety and well being of our customers, staff, and community continues to be our highest priority. We continue to follow the Ministry of Health’s guidelines and have implemented stringent measures to ensure everyone stays safe including:

Contact Tracing

We collect contact details from all visitors to our premise to ensure we comply with contact tracing guidelines, and we store this information centrally so that it is always up to date.

Physical Distancing

We will miss shaking your hand when we meet you, but for the time being it’s a positive thing we can do to minimize any further impact of Covid-19. We maintain physical distance among our team and customers, part of this also means monitoring and controlling the number of people on the premises at any one time.

Robust Staff Policies

We have clearly documented policies that we have distributed to our staff that outline not only our workplace rules and processes, but the processes we have in place to protect our staff and clients at other sites that are not in our power to control. We travel around a bit, and we want to make sure that our staff are safe at remote worksites, just as much as we want to ensure the safety of others that work there.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon and continuing to deliver outstanding performance and reassurance in the field of workplace safety!

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